An important pair of vases from The Al Thani Collection on loan at the Besançon Museum of Fine Art and Archaeology

9 November 2019

These Qianlong vases are embellished with gilt ormolu mounts by Pierre Gouthière (1732– c. 1814), the greatest bronzier of the Louis XVI period, and were probably owned by François Boucher (1703–1770), the celebrated French artist.

In the 1730s, Boucher became fascinated with the art of East Asia and started to collect Chinese and Japanese objects. These inspired him to create a series of ten chinoiserie cartoons to serve as models for the weavers at the tapestry workshops in Beauvais. This exhibition presents those drawings, which are owned by the museum, alongside tapestries, paintings, prints and works of art related to the artist and to his fascination with the arts of the East.

More details of the exhibition can be found here.

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