Current exhibition

Treasures of
The Al Thani Collection

The opening gallery of the museum space at the Hôtel de la Marine displays seven masterpieces from The Al Thani Collection.

Chosen for their historical and aesthetic significance, these works illustrate the breadth and quality of the Collection and range from Oriental, pre-Hellenic and Egyptian antiquities to Mayan art, via Han China and Mughal India. Diverse in purpose, form and material, each piece nevertheless shares a common scale and sensibility and represents a high point of human creative endeavour across civilisations.

(Ca’ d’Oro: Masterpieces of the Renaissance in Venice, the third in the series of biannual temporary exhibitions, is currently on view in three of the four rooms dedicated to The Al Thani Collection at the Hôtel de la Marine. This includes two rooms normally reserved for showing works from the Collection).

Exhibition highlights


Western Asia Minor, possibly Anatolia; Chalcolithic,                               
Marble, pigment
H. 20cm; W. 8.3cm; D 7.1cm
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Mask pendant

Mexico, or northern Central America; Maya, AD 200–600
Wood, jade, resin, shell, mother-of-pearl, spondylus shell, obsidian, red pigment
H. 12cm; W. 8.4cm; D. 6.8cm
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Head of a royal figure

Egypt; New Kingdom, 1475–1292 BC
Red jasper
H. 9.6cm; W. 6.1cm; D. 7.5cm
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China; Western Han Dynasty, 206 BC–AD 25
Gilt bronze
H. 7.6cm; W. 7.8cm; D. 5.5cm
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