Current exhibition

Treasures of
The Al Thani Collection

The Centre des monuments nationaux and the Al Thani Collection Foundation are pleased to have opened a museum space dedicated to showing works of art from the Al Thani Collection at the Hôtel de la Marine.

The inaugural exhibition showcases a rich diversity of approximately 120 artworks drawn from across the Collection, bringing together exceptional works of art from antiquity to the early modern period. Celebrating the unifying force of art across cultures, it juxtaposes superlative works of art from different civilisations, sharing with the public high points of creative expression across periods and geographies. Highlights range from an Egyptian head of a royal figure carved from red jasper (1475-1292 BC) and a Chinese gilt-bronze sculpture of a seated bear (Han Dynasty, 206 BC-AD 25) to a Maya mask pendant (200-600 AD) and the jade wine cup of the Mughal Emperor Jahangir (1569-1627).

Exhibition highlights

Bust of Emperor Hadrian

Head: Roman, first half of the 2nd century AD, beard recarved in the middle of the 13th century
Bust: Venice; second half of the 16th century
Socle: c. 1850
Chalcedony, silver gilt, enamel, pearls, green porphyry
H. 20.8cm; W. 18.8cm; D. 9.5cm
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Mask pendant

Mexico, or northern Central America; Maya, AD 200–600
Wood, jade, resin, shell, mother-of-pearl, spondylus shell, obsidian, red pigment
H. 12cm; W. 8.4cm; D. 6.8cm
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Head of a royal figure

Egypt; New Kingdom, 1475–1292 BC
Red jasper
H. 9.6cm; W. 6.1cm; D. 7.5cm
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China; Western Han Dynasty, 206 BC–AD 25
Gilt bronze
H. 7.6cm; W. 7.8cm; D. 5.5cm
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